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 I’m Emma Delacruz I have seven years of experience working with animals in a variety of different fields. I’ve been a dog handler at day care and boarding facilities monitoring and caring for a large amount of dogs, learning canine behavior, assessing dogs and overseeing play groups. As well as completing two six month apprenticeships working hands on with well known dog trainers and rescue groups. With years of experience pet sitting, training and  providing exceptional care for my clients beloved animals while they are away. I worked as a Tech assistant at an emergency veterinary hospital for a year, assisting with surgeries, administering medications and overseeing a large number of in-house patients. I was a lead dog trainer at a boarding facility and helped teach obedience classes from beginner to advanced. I‘ve always had a huge passion and love for animals but the most rewarding part of my job is helping people establish a better relationship with their dog and getting the results they want.  It takes a lot of patience and hard work but the outcome is a solid relationship built on trust, respect and understanding of your dog. I’m always eager to learn and work with different trainers and open minded to different approaches/ training techniques because every dog is different and being a well rounded trainer with different tools and skills to offer is important to me. Over the past three years I partnered up with a local Dutchman/Police dog trainer (Tony Hoogendoorn) who works and trains dogs for the local Police agencies. Multiple days a week I train and handle Many upcoming dogs to soon be certified as Patrol K9’s for Jackson County as well as other counties in the state of Oregon.  My most recent placement was a patrol K9 to Wasco County Sheriffs Office which was the first ever K9 to their unit, we are so proud of K9 Xena and all she has done to serve her community! As we have come together we have combined our experience and passion for working dogs to offer training in tracking and personal protection which is a great way to challenge and connect with your dog who has good drive to work or may need a boost in confidence. We come together for group training every Saturday for advanced obedience, personal protection  and tracking! Group classes are a great way to work around many distractions, work on dog reactivity, and expose your dog to new environments and situations. I specialize in problem solving and rehabilitation for dogs and offer training for personal family pets, high energy dogs or driven potential working/sport dogs. We are always looking for new members to join us in our passion for working dogs and police K9’s. 

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Board & Train

Personalized and Professional

If your animal needs help with specific training or behavioral issues, Boarding with Perfect Pack Dog Training may be a great option for you. Training sessions will be with me and your pet one on one twice a day throughout the duration of their stay. Depending on the issues you’d like to work on, the locations of our sessions will vary. Common training requests are, basic obedience, pulling on the leash, dog aggression, socialization, and helping a dog who may have had a bad past and teaching them to trust people and overcome their fears. I like to utilize public parks and pet stores to train at to help strengthen focus and increase engagement around distractions.



Allowing Your Pet to Feel at Home

Finding a place for your pet to stay while you’re away can be challenging. The stress of a large boarding facility where the animals are in kennels all day with constant loud barking can be really scary and overwhelming. That’s why I offer the option to board your dog with me, on a 12 acre property with a seasonal creek endless trees and places I take the dogs to hike and exercise.  Large dog enclosure for monitored social play time with other dogs, quite and relaxing atmosphere for dogs to feel at ease. Large walk in kennels, with metal roofing and sides, warm dog houses, beds, blankets and toys of course.. My goal is to have your pet feel as comfortable as possible. My home is theirs, your pet will always feel welcomed and have plenty of one on one time and affection.

Rescue Puppy

One on One Training

How can I Help?

I offer hourly sessions to meet with you and your dog to address and work through any issues you may be having. This session is specifically designed to help you and your dog succeed. It’s very personal, we go over any questions or concerns you may have and come up with a training plan for you to work on throughout the week. We work hands on to guide you through the process and give you the confidence to train your dog. I will set you up with exercises and training tips as your homework to to practice on your own. I offer follow up sessions, weekly or biweekly to insure that you are seeing the progress you want to see. I’m here to support you and guide you to a better understanding relationship with your dog. Most importantly during these sessions is training you, the pack leader how to continue training and keep up on the new skills you’ve learned and implementing them in your everyday life.


“ A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.”

Josh Billings

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