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We have a selection of dogs available for placement ranging from single purpose patrol or detection work, dual purpose, personal protection or dogs that may be great sport candidates. Our green dogs are all tested and evaluated for working placement, ball drive, hunt drive, prey/bite drives, solid nerves etc. Exposed to many different environments, some may have more obedience and further training put on than others. If you see a dog you are interested in please feel free to reach out to get more information, details and videos. The Standard breed in our training program is Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds, green dogs range from 10 months to 3 yr old max. These dogs are suited for working placement in a department/ agency. We would love to provide you with your next K9 candidate. Thank you for your interest.


Working dogs for placement 


Litter due mid september with two proven working dogs. Our very own Dutch Shepherd female Ziva Brn 42498 and Box Brn 40110 

 This is a repeat breeding in which we know produces very high drive, confident, stable dogs that can be trained for high competition sport, Dual purpose police K9's or even as you're very own personal protection dog. Please contact us today for more information, now taking deposits. 


1.5 yr old Dutch Shepherd Female, Dual purpose prospect


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